11mm japanese murata differences

At last Ecra’s show, I had the Opportunity to acquire an other 11mm japanese murata cartridges shown below.

While looking a the two cartridges side by side, they have a very different profile. The second one have a copper primer, the case lenght is longer (61,12mm whereas the first one is 59,80mm), the bullet diameter is smaller (10,82mm whereas the first one is 11,29mm) and you could see a small shoulder between the shoulder and the case neck. I wonder if this second shoulder wasmade to adjust the neck to the lower bullet’s diameter. Is somebody had already seen a murata’s cartridge with this profile?


Thank you for sharing

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On the lower one the primer does not look very Japanese or?

Both cartridges have been messed with.
The bullets have been pulled on each, and then reseated.
The primer on the lower photo sure looks like a British Primer.

Thank you for your replies. For the lower cartridge, that make sense for a reload, I checked the primer diameter (6,56mm) and it’s nearly the same as a .500" nitro ones made by kynoch in the early twentieth and that explain the resized of the case diameter neck. But, the quality of this reload’s work let me think it’s a factory made.
For the upper one, what let you thought the bullet is not an original one’s?

The primer size of .250 in. or 6.35 m/m was nearly universal for early blackpowder military caliber cartridges; what is (to me at least) British about the lower one is that the primer cup is flat and of copper. Jack

Jack, yes it is a flat copper primer.
I want to add a few measurments about these two cartridges:
the one with brass primer:
total lenght : 80,03mm
weight : 42,67 grams

the one with the copper primer:
total lenght : 77,63mm
weight : 45,18 grams

Is someone could check the weight of his own cartridges to confirm if these cartridges are loaded or not?