11mm Mannlicher Kleanbore labeled Boxes

i know your consolidated knowledge is comprehensive, reading your forum is always diverting.
last days i got some packages of “11mm mannlicher” ammunition in original “remingtion/dupont” boxes.
searching your forum i found an old thread about, i think 9mm about mannlicher, with “kleanbore labeld boxes” and the discussion of an production timeframe.

i will show my purchasing and ask you honored collectors to help me dating the boxes.
also asking about an production timeframe for this ammo, maybe someone can show an old catalog page

regards from austria



Wolfgang, this caliber was made by Remington as early as 1926 -contract with Honduras- but this box style showing the Du Pont trademark is post August 1933.


Here is a link to a thread discussing this cartridge.

The primers carry a greenish wax looking seal. Was that done to combat humidity in Honduras or was it a normal Remington packaging technique in general?

i know it, i will get an answer here …
thx to all of you gentleman