11mm Mauser and .43 Spanish


I get some catridges and two of them looks unusual for me.

The first is a 11mm Mauser but have on head stamp.
The other is a .43 Spanish with a “Mauser like” head. The head is not exctly as the one on Mauser cartridges. Also, even thou the case is 57mm long, the distance from the driving band to the head is 60,6mm similar to the Mauser cartridge.
Any info would help.


The Spanish is known with a “Mauser” type base, The head on your example doesn’t seem to fit the profile for a Spanish Mauser Base that I’m fimiliar with, but the bullet does look Spanish. Could it be a Russian?


Thanks Pete,
This is what i find interesting, even thou it looks like a “Mauser” type base it isn´t.
It looks like some kind of original “fake”. I mean, a cartridge made to look like a Mauser not for colletors but for users.



Martin: Not sure if your interest is in the Remington (?) cartridge only or the Mauser too, but I have a M.71 Mauser cartridge closely following the standard German service pattern, even to the black primer seal, with no head stamp. Jack


Thanks Jack.
Im looking for info about both of them.
About the 11mm Mauser cartridge would like to know why it have no head stamp. Older cartridges?



Martin: One thing about your 11 m/m Mauser cartridge that suggests it might be early is the domed primer. I’ve read that the German army decided on a flat primer to improve ease of indenting the primer cup, and the flat type is typical of German military cartridges. I’ll examine my specimen (rather than trying to work from memory) before comparing it with yours. Jack


Just noticed the case mouth crimp on the lower round. Not seen anything quite like that before on an arsenal finished round. The bullet looks to be United States Cartridge Co. manufacture. as seen on rounds with the A date (93 to 95) S headstamp. (going by memory regarding headstamp here as the collection is several thousand miles away at the moment).

As to the upper looks like the patch may have been removed, the bullet fiddled with or perhaps even reloaded?
Head & shoulder looks to be Mauser. The M-71 with the round nose bullet, can be found without headstamp, (again if memory serves.) but it should be patched.

Edited once to correct A S headstamp dates & Model of the early Mauser as per Phil below


Here is an 11mm M71 (round nose bullet) cartridge with no headstamp that has its paper patch but has a flat primer (maybe slightly rounded but not much if at all) the same as all the other German 11mm rounds I have.

It would seem that the M71 type is a scarcer cartridge here in the US than the M71/84 type. You can find boxes that say M71 on the label but all those I’ve seen are with the M71/84 bullets with post-1884 dates or are Arsenal Reloads of earlier dated cases with M71/84 bullets. Is the situation the same in Europe?


Thanks for helping.
The Mauser cartridge had paper patch removed, so it must be a M71.
The other cartridge is still a mistery.
A .43 Remington with “Mauser” like head?


My M.71 cartridge without headstamp is very similar to the one shown by Phil–round nose bullet to about 71/84 OA length (76.5 m/m) and a slightly blunter ogive than the standard M.71 bullet, and with a primer with a bigger radius at the edge, tho I’d still call it flat. My previous remark was incorrect about an annulus seal: it doesn’t have one as far as I can see. My impression that this version is quite late, perhaps post-1900. Jack