11mm Mauser dummy


Hello all,

I have a 11mm dummy. Paper patched lead bullet, with one hole right below the shoulder. Head stamp is segmented, 12:00 with a symbol I cant quite make out, 3:00 84, 6:00 J and 9:00 6

I wiil try to get some pictures as soon as I get my camera back. On the case someone has writen “non standard dummy”

Any Ideas?

Thanks Steve


For me it is a normal M71 - M71/84 round.
It was made by the Haubtlaboratorium Ingolstadt in June 1884.

Somebody drilled a hole in the case and removed the powder.
The person who wrote this on the case tells the truth.
It is a


Thanks Dutch for the info, could it have been a board dummy?


Could be.

Is it possible to make a picture from the hole.