11mm Mauser M.71 case

recently I acquired this 11mm Mauser M.71 case. As I see It was used as blank after second reload. Who was “S A” manufacturer and why bottom is painted with red lacquer?


The headstamp is from “Small Arms & Metal Company,” Birmingham. England The known production span was evidently from December 1874 until May 1876, with all months and years known within that span.

I cannot comment on the red base, or when it was reloaded into a blank cartridge.

Reference: “Die Munition zum Mausergewehr M71, Die erste Deutsche Metallpatrone Ihre Vorläufer und Nachfolger,” by Erik Windisch and Bernd Kellner, pages 48 and 59.

John Moss

Many thanks John for help. I will check this book in free time.