11mm Mauser Spandau Arsenal


Headstamp: “S” at 12, “87” at 3, “*” at 6 and “2” at 9 o’clock. Image is fuzzy because of embossed head lifting off the glass. I think this is 11.15x60R Mauser. Am I right?


yes, Spandau Arsenal manufacture.


sks -

Where you’re acquiring images a scanner, try getting a section of thick, dark, fabric - I use some black felt (very cheap at the local sewing or department store). Cut an X in it and fit the round through so only the base is below the cloth, then to the scan. This way there’s no ambient light to mis-register the light level and the image will be a lot easier to read. If you want to get really fancy, a smaller patch with a similar X placed above the first, but slightly offset will complete the “seal.” Makes a big difference, especially on headstamps; the cloth will also be useful for profiles and in other image projects.



Good advice and you can do the same with black paper or white if you want contrast.