11mm Mauser


Can anybody positively identify this blank cartridge pictured alongside a German military M71/84 ball round. I’m not convinced that these are the same calibre because of the slight differences in case dimensions, partricularly at the shoulder, but perhaps this is just down to manufacturing tolerances. Normally 11mm blanks have a wooden mock bullet seal and I can find no reference to any specimens having this type of folded crimp. This rouns has the usual distinctive Mauser base profile but no headstamp. Any ideas?




I have a similar un-heastamped blank and ball round. All the characteristics scream KYNOCH at me but I have no definite proof, i.e. packaging. I also strongly suspect the blanks were made by or for Bapty’s - the theatrical props hire company - I think that’s where mine came from. Kynoch de-bulleted ball rounds to make up blanks for Bapty if they didn’t have cases on hand, e.g. .45 ACP, etc. Regards JohnP-C


This is a blank cartridge for a german navy ship pistol. It shoot a rod with an thin line attached to it. So it was possible to shoot a thin line from board to board and connect the ships with a thicker cable. A very similar gun was used today to bring fuel hoses from ship to ship.


I think that here is used samekind of pistol, here is some blank from Finnish navy:




Let’s add another possibility to the list: Harpoon Blank. I have similiar cartridges in my collection in 10.15 x 61 R JARMANN that came out of boxes marked for Harpoon Gun Only. Most of these have a paper sticker on the head with a number showing the strength for different size animials and/or distance.


Here the French Gras grenade propelling cartridge from WWI:


I have never seen one of these which was not going bad. What is in them ?


You might want a copy of the 11mm book- see my post “Books you need but can’t read”.


As far as I heard all those known come from one and the same hole in the ground. So I assume it is just corrosion.