11mm Mauser

11 mm Mauser …board dummy???

Paper patch mostly gone


Steve, board dummies usually have 2 holes ( at least in the US ) this looks like someone “inerted” it. They also drilled the primer ( and, it’s Berdan ! )
M. Rea

That looks familiar. I had a dummy just like that. I checked it with Senior Woodin and he told me it was legit and he had one just like it. He did not call it a board dummy, but said it would have been for armorer or training use. I’ll have to see if I saved his e-mail.

The headstamp date of 1884 suggests this was perhaps tied in with the introduction of the Mauser 71/84 tubular magazine repeater. Having troops learning proper loading technique with dummies was certainly safer than turning them loose with ball ammunition. Headstamp is Bavaria (Ingolstadt) I think. JG

I am making no judgment about whether or not this is a correct, original 11m/m Mauser Exerzierpatrone (dummy) or not. I will point out that no such round is shown in Windisch and Kellner’s book “Die Munition zum Mausergewehr M71”. The book shows quite a number of dummy rounds and all seem to have a case cannelure about 3/4 inch above the case rim. None have the hole shown.

Several Board dummies are shown, and do have a hole, but it is smaller and lower on the case than on the one pictured on this thread. It is correct to say that board dummies usually have at least two holes (some French ones have five in the form of an “X” with the center hole being larger - probably the initial hole to show the round is inert, with the other four being for attaching wires). Some do have single holes because they are screwed to the board with one screw. In that case, the hole would show signs of the thread of the screw.

Some official 11m/m dummies had black-rubber filling in the primer pocket. Many have wood bullets. Some have full-metal-jacket bullets. I can find no picture of any with paper-patched lead bullets, although that doesn’t mean they can’t exist.

I am simply pointing out what a very scholarly work on this subject shows and what it does not show.

Jon C

Thanks I think you hit it right on the head!