11mm rifle cartridge?

Found this today digging on a Canadian training area, looks to be 11mm. Measures 60mm long mouth of case 11mm rim 17 wide. Anyone can confirm this.

11 x 59mmR Gras, appears to be a French headstamp but is difficult to read.


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it reads ART 1-84 VIS N-F, and indicates a new case construction N F is Nouveau Form. I think ART and the VIS for Vincennes is well known.

Yes: ART(illerie) Parc de VI(ncenne(S)
In European countries, the Artillery Service usually ran all the Ordnance services…Guns, Shells, Small Arms, Ammunition, and vehicles, etc.
They also ran the first real Engineering Schools for Officers,
back in the 1700s.
Doc AV