11mm Werndl Carbine


For years this cartridge has sat in my cabinet identified as the 11mm M.67/73 Werndl Carbine. But then I compared an 11mm Fruhwirth Carbine cartridge to it and realised that the bullet diameter is larger. The bullet actually measures 12.2mm. The Werndl Carbine should also have a caselength of about 42mm and my round has a caselength of 43.9mm.
I’m probably missing the obvious but if it’s not an 11mm Werndl Carbine cartridge what is it?


Probably a 12x44R (aka 12.7x44R) Remington - which is known with that hs.


Thanks WBD, this is a new calibre to me and I can’t find any reference to it in Huon’s book. Could it also be known as the 12.7mm Papal Remington or is that a different cartridge?
If it’s not the Papal Remington then who would have used this calibre? Did Austria use it, or was it made for somebody else?
Any info appreciated!


Jim, the 12.7 mm Papal Remington is almost identical to the 50/70 Government. While similar to the 12 x 44 R Remington it has a larger base and rim diameter.

There were three slightly different 12 x 44 R cartridges, not fully interchangeable. They differ for their base shape ( flat base or raised base), rim diameter or bullet shape. Your round is the second model developed

All these three cartridges are CF versions of the 12 x 44 R RF Norwegian military cartridge model 1871 and were intended for sporting use


Thanks Marco.