11mm Werndl headstamp

I have been asked to identify this ‘FAB’ or ‘FHB’ logo found on an 11mm Werndl case recovered in Mozambique. The enquirer hasn’t supplied me with an image as yet so I have lifted this one from Municion.org to post here. Any suggestions as to who is FAB or FHB please?

A long time ago I ran into the same problem with this stamp,I turned everything that
I had and knew of upside down,the only thing I could find out was that it was
Austrien Hungarien some suggestions were made but nothing definetly could be
proofed.There is a post on this somewhere but do not ask me about the titel
Like to know myself.

Look over here.

regards rené

Excellent, thank you René!

BMF for Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik, Berndorf, Austria.