11x50R Comblain for WBD and you all


I came across an interesting round whose headstamp is SANTO CHILE, I would appreciate to exchange info with you. I read your article on magnun45@hotmail.com It is difficult for me to post the pics NOTE: Pictures added by Ron Merchant for Adolfo.

Best regards from Chile. Adolfo

Adolpho, that is a nice headstamp, I had heard of it but had not seen an example before.

I have gained quite a lot more information on Comblains, including their use in South America. I will be in contact and see if we both can learn some more.

Looks like SANT

may be “Santiago”?

I think so too

For those who didn’t spot it, Vittorio and pivi are talking about the fact that the word “SANTO” actually ends with a small, high “o” underlined, which means it is an abbreviation. The logical word in Spanish and connected with Chile would be “SANTIAGO.”


Thanks for your comments, you are right when you say that SANTO stands for Santiago, It is indeed an abbreviation of the capital city in Chile, those rounds were made in Chile and I was told they were used mainly during the civil war in 1891, the final combat took place in “la placilla” near Valparaiso. I hope to exchange info with you Brad, I have sth important to add about the comblain rifles… best regards from Chile.

Adolfo: what are the figures at 9 and 3 o’clock? I’d like to sketch this very interesting headstamp for my notes but can’t make out these markings. Thanks, JG


AT 3 there is a horizontal line, it seems number one (probably number of lot in my opinion), at 9 it says 78. year of manufacture, it says at 12 SANTO but there is a line under the small vowel o (abbreviation of Santiago)and the other is CHILE. send me your mail, I can share another variation I have with you. Regards Ado.-

Adolfo: thanks for the information and I’m glad I asked because at 3 o’clock I was trying to read it the wrong way around and thought maybe it was 84! Yes, I’d be very interested in any others you have to share. JG