? 11x56 R Murata Japonés?

If to trust this article, at 11x60 R Murat there was a short version (11x56 R). It is possible to see this cartridge somewhere? Can anyone shed any light on this.

for the Peabody, Hoyem, Elks & Isomura mention / note it

I can’t find this book. Show, please, where I will be able to buy this material.

I have no idea where you live, so no idea to tell you where to go to find any of the three books.

Hoyem, G, A., History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition. 4 Vols. with revisions, Armoury Pub., Tacoma, WA., 1981-2006. (you would want Vol. 2)

Elks, Ken, Japanese Ammunition 1880-1945 Parts 1 & II Solo Publications, Kent, UK 2007. (you would want Part 1)

Isomura, T., Early Made Japanese Military Small Arms Ammunition. Richard King, Corvallis, OR., reprint, 1984.

It should be these I guess:

japanesemilitaryfirearmspart … Book-5.htm

japanesemilitaryfirearmspart … book-6.htm

Hi Alex
Yes, actually I have extras of both volumes here I’ve been selling for Ken.

I figured Aeron wasn’t in the US so shipping to him would be an expensive problem. It seems our postal systems current rates are set high to slow overseas trade (my take at least). An auction catalog costs me $24.75 to mail to Europe via priority mail & they are only about 12oz. We, the US, now send nothing by boat/surface, everything goes by AIR.

PetedeCoux and EOD. Now I see that I should look for. A little later, I’ll try to get these books. thanks.