11x56R Nordenfelt


I am an intuitive ammo buyer, I buy things sometimes without knowing exactly their value. I like driving the same way, I guess direction and am mostly right. Please, tell me that I’ve not wasted $10 on this round. There is no headstamp. The projectile is highly magnetic and I suspect is an armour piercing. I must go to work now, I’ll post dimentions later.


This is a 11x56 R Nordenfelt?


Just got home, thanks for your reply. It measures 11x57R.


There was an 11 m/m Nordenfelt thread some years ago on this forum. Check it out. Jack


Municion.org refers to this calibre as both 11x56R and 11x57R. Why? Mine is definitely 11x57R.


Vlad: Remember that there’s no authority for these after the fact assignments of caliber x case length cartridges. The cartridge is the 11 m/m Spanish Remington loaded with a steel bullet. Call it that and you’ll never get the case length wrong. Jack