11x58R and 11x42R Werndl

My collection:
11x58R: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7t5txj9gbLLZDFicUJRUVhqM00
11x42R: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7t5txj9gbLLRlAweDM2OFRkYms

Does anyone know the meaning of the numbers (1 and 2) on the 11x58R ones?

Thx for the help.


still noone? :)

1: first reload
2: second reload

Reloading of BP cartridges was done at both Barracks
( Kaserne) level and at Ammunition Depot level in both Austria and Germany. Hydraulic Berdan decappers were used in both countries.
Reloading and Primary loading was done at local levels up to WWI… even with smokeless cartridges
Gunboards showed a photo of a hand wheel operated Berdan Decapper using a chisel system, quite fast and effective.
Reloading was mainly done to supply enough training ammo for conscripts. Factory ammo was reserved for
Serious use. Short range loads were also produced by reloading.
Other countries, eg Holland, used an “o” to signify reloads. (Smokeless 6,5mm)but the were usually factory done.

Doc AV

Okay, but then the ones with the number 2 should have the 1 on them too or am I wrong? How did they know if that was the 2. reload if there wasn’t the 1. stamped?

The Germans got around the problem here of stamping 1 or 2 to indicate first or second by just stamping a circle for each reload. One of my 11.15 m/m Mauser cases has four little circles in its headstamp. Jack

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If anyone has one spare loaded round for the 1867 Werndl, I am seeking…
… just one, to go with the rifle for show-n-tell at the Gun Club meeting.

Badger Jack
I do not know where you are located but i have a Werndl for you its free however I doubt there is
anyway I can get that cartridge to you!! I have 3 of them 1883,1880 and a Rem-umc.The first 2 have
that unindentifiable Austrian head stamp FAB.As things are here we cannot send anything out of the
country of this sort with great difficulty if at all.Our gun grabbers are hard at work for the good of