11x59R Gras-Vickers MG links


I was unstapling this years copies of the ECRA Cartridge Researcher so I could send them off to be bound when I started leafing through them.

In issue 527, as topic 527/23 on pages 14/15 there is an article on the links used with the 11x59R Gras-Vickers machine gun. The links in the pictures are rivetted but a photocopy of another article on page 15 shows a variation where the difference seems to be marked as there being ‘Points de soudre’ in place of the rivets on the regular type.

There is also a drawing on the same page showing a ‘maillon de 11mm de fabrication Americaine’. Does anyone have pictures of the soldered or the American versions? Or even of all three types together to show the differences?

Happy collecting, Peter


During WW1, France did not manage to get hold of proper carbon steel sheets to manufacture the US-Style 1-piece link.
Accordingly the French designed the 2-piece riveted links.
After WW1, experiments were conducted to avoid the copper rivets and to fasten the 2 pieces by point-welding. Unfortunately I have never come accross any such surviving specimen -yet-.

Here are the standard French riveted links :

Here are three variants of 1-piece US links :