11x62R (?) ID

Hello, i have this cartridge, can someone recognise it? The headstamp is the same as the 8x50R Mannlicher’s (the left one on the pic). I measured 11mm diameter, but it’s damaged so thats not fix.


This looks like the 11.15x62R Mannlicher (A46), produced by Roth as case #725 (c1905) and as you say based on a longer version of the 8mm Mannlicher case.

It is only known by examples with 1905 dated cases like yours. Sometimes mistaken for the 11.15x60R LK Express (EXP45), 11x65R Collath (GSP16) or 11.6x63R ‘450’ Express (EXP49) types.

This was shown in the c1910 Roth catalog as a case for Hunting cartridge.

Note that the ECRA database used to have this cartridge as an “11.2x62R ROTH XPL FOR MG M.1905” (being from the Bill Woodin collection). It is extremely unlikely that in 1905 the Austrians would have been experimenting with an 11.2mm straight cased MG cartridge ?? Neither was this listed in the comprehensive two volume Austrian Military Cartridges books of Josef Mötz.

Thank you very much for the identification.