12.17 X 44R cartridges

  • The 12.17X44R military cartridge [rimfire & centerfire] was used in Sweden and Norway by the Remington M/1867 rolling-block rifle. I would like to see some pictures showing the 12.17X44R original cartridge if somebody has this item in the collection. I only have the original Swedish M/1867 socket bayonet for the Remington rifle and I’m interested to see the ammo used by this 19th century weapon. Thanks in advance for any help, Liviu 03/26/09

Here a picture.

Here’s a scan of my Norwegian rimfire round made by Hovedar. I think it’s designation is 12mm Gevaer 4.09G.

  • @ Laurent & Jim: Thank you both for the pictures. One more question: What is the overall length of the loaded 12.17X44R cartridge??? Liviu 03/27/09

Overall length is 56.7mm.