12-65 gauge El Casco


“CARTUCHO con pólvora sin humo Marca de fabrica EL CASCO CARTON GARANTIDO IMPERMEABLE Ers’klassiges deutsches Fabrikat Extra gasdicht”.

“El Casco” detail:


Beautifull shotshell,
Now we ( I ) know why people collect shotshells again.
Thanks for the picture,feel free to show more.
Is this for Chili or Argentina??

Regards René


Nice shell! American makers were never very creative in making attractive shells. Boxes were different, some very attractive, but shells are just dull.


It was made for Kirschbaum & Cia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


but Made in Germany for them, is that correct? I see “deutsches Fabrikat” & so I ask.


“El Casco” and “Casco” brand ammunition (rim fire, pistol and rifle) was made for Argentina by Gustav Genschow & Co. I’m not so sure if they also made this shotgun shell.