12.7*108 mm high pressure test / proof ammunition

i need to know specifications and ballistic information about 12.7*108 mm high pressure test / proof ammunition. if anyone have such information please send it to my email address: mmfard2334@chmail.ir

You want collectors here to send ballistics data and information regarding 12.7x108 proof ammunition to Iran? Since the military & government there certainly already have such data, I am curious as to why an individual in Iran would want it? I am almost certain that no collector here would have such information to share anyway.

The cartridge design is from 1932 and its pressure on the conservative side. For example, Bolotin has published data on it (313 MPa).
On acceptance, maximum pressure must be between 309 and 333 MPa (copper crusher, I presume).
Add 30 percent to this and you have the proof ammunition pressure.

Just check the CIP, the 12.7x108 is in there since 2017.

Thanks for your attention, hope for more cooperation