12,7 (.50)hand-linkers

I like to start a topic about 12,7 (.50) hand-linkers.
I have 2 different one’s and I like to know if there are more type’s

hope to see more pict’s and different type’s


I don’t have any info to add to the thread but I think those hand loaders are pretty cool.

Can they also be used to de-link?

What was the purpose of these linkers… where they something that was carried on Tanks and other armoured vehicles so they could make up their own belts when required?

I know the lower one (pictured) can be used to de-link. Not tried the ‘single’.

I have the same examples and found the “syringe” type will do either function with ease. The pliers type is another story. A little bit more complex machine. Am anxiously awaiting an example, NIB, that has instructions. Most things I can figure out, this one has me stumped.

The only other example of this type linker has a tray and uses a large lever to link up a number of rounds in one stroke. Normally, it would be solidly mounted to something substantial. Not sure if it can delink without some sort of adapter.

My opinion on these is, the two “little” ones are used mainly to connect/deconnect belts vs “belt-up” lots of loose rounds. The tray type is a bit quicker in that regard.

Found this version while helping on a BOCN quest: