12.7-mm Cartridge ID Request

This is an easy one, but I am away from my reference material, specifically the Labbett and F.A. Brown pamphlet.

Factory 44 (Moscow), B32 API, loaded in 1963, unless I’m missing something.

If the 44 is a 41 it will be a Chinese. Unfortunately the image is too small.

Chinese, factory “41” made in 1963. Soviet made 12.7 do not have black primer seals as far as I know. Typically they are red or none at all. The black primer seal and factory code ID this round as Chinese. Black-over-red tip color is API. “Type 54” in Chinese nomenclature, and is a copy of the Soviet B-32 type. Note that after 1967, The Chinese changed the black-over-red tip color to just a black tip to ID API loads. This applies to 7.62, 12.7 and 14.5 calibers.


I blew the pic up 500% and it is still tough to be sure, but I think it is a Chinese 41.

I blew it up too, and the resolution gets worse, as well as the fact that there seems to be a headstamp flaw at the second number in the date. I can’t tell what the second number is, but like Jon, I would go with a “1” over a “4” as the second number seems to have a serif (bar) across the bottom, and the first number “4” does not.

  • I know the topic is about a 12.7X108 round but I have two fired 14.5X114 brass shell cases made by the Chinese State plant “41” [one dated “61” and the other “65”]. The number “1” [from the maker’s mark “41” and the date “61”] is unusual having at the base a 2mm [0.078-inc] long horizontal thin line. The maker’s mark from the photo is definitely Chinese “41”. Black primer seal is visible at my both fired 14.5X114 brass shell cases. Liviu 02/22/09