12.7 x 44R Swedish rolling block


I just obtained a few 12.7 x 44R cartridges with GECO and H.UTENDOERFFER **NURNBERG. My informational sources are very scarce would anyone like to enlighten me on these cartridges? vic



Are you wondering about the cartridge in general or those specific headstamps?

I know that for military uses (as in for the rolling block) it was originally known as the 4 Linjers (0.4 Swedish inches) until, in 1879, when Norway introduced the metric system, and renamed it as the “12mm Remington.” It was created to be used in the new military rifles for Norway and Sweden’s armies and as a round that would also easily accommodate the conversion of the kammerlader, and Wredes rifles which both countries had a lot of.

It originally had a lead bullet 12.615 mm (0.50 in) in diameter. Early cartridges had a 42mm case, but then a case length of 44mm was decided upon.

Swedish Husqvarna Remington - the gun this cartridge was made for in Sweden

Model 1867 Remington rolling block - made at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk (Kongsberg Armoury) for Norway.


IIRC the RF version of this ctg was made in the US also.


The drawing is danish, imho.


There is some info here: