12.7 X 99mm APT Question

Hi to all,

A friend is offering me six live 12.7 X 99mm APT (black tip, red circle under) made by IVI and dated mid-80’s. Funny thing, the projectiles themselves are not magnetic. Should AP be magnetic? Sorry, I do not have them in hand so no photos yet. Thanking you all in advance and hoping to hear from some of you very soon.

Regards, Michel

Not if it is the C-44 which has a TC core.


Thank you for your quick reply, I thought for sure that tungsten was magnetic.

Regards, Michel

Hi Michel,

EOD is correct. Here are a couple of pictures.



Michel, Tungsten Carbide if so. Tungsten as an element is non-magnetic and not suitable in AP applications (way too soft) unless one goes the long way of using it for it’s heavy weight (still soft) and still will have an AP capacity but way less than with TC.
Magnetic properties of TC actually depend on the exact alloy.
So there can be slightly magnetic one and also non-magnetic.

Now I understand, TC is not Tungsten Core, it is Tungsten Carbide core. Thank again EOD and thank you Paul for the photos. I will probably have them in hand by next week and will post photos of them.

Regards, Michelk