12.7mm blank?

Unknown to me blank of sorts?

Weight; 835 grains
Length; 59mm
Rim; 21.75mm
Base; 21.70mm
Neck; 13.80mm

Completely magnetic except for the primer.

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It is a 14x 59 Czech reducer 0Z- B 50 for recoiless rifle. The case is based in 12,7 x 108

JJAM, maybe something got lost in translation but this is a tool blank for an engineer ram:


you are reason sorry

Thanks Alex.
The headstamp?

Joe, company histroy is lots of back and forth and today they should be “ZVI a.s.” of Vsetín, Czech Republic.
Started out in 1937 as plant No3 of “Čs. Zbrojovka a.s.” of Brno, in 1950 branched out as “Zbrojovka Vsetín”.
Maybe Fede has more on this.

Case made was made in 1960.

CZO on the headstamp stands for?

Umm, the company I described above?

Zbrojovka Vsetin, Czechoslovakia.
So they just kept using the same headstamp from when the German occupied Czech factory was making ammunition for the German SS using czo as a headstamp?

I can add that the OZ-B 50 can be described as a powder actuated rammer (pile ram) used to drive a pile into the subsoil with repeated strikes. This cartridge was also misidentified as a “nail driver in order to repair railroad tracks”.

Here an example of the box:



Not the SS, “czo” was a regular Wehrmacht code and they supplied the whole Wehrmacht of course.
After 1945 the Czechs retained the code pattern of the Wehrmacht (3-digit alphabetical) and normally changed all former German codes. “CZO” would be the only one which was taken over from German times then. Also “CZO” is a small exception as for it being written in capitals (at least it appears like) since German and later Czech codes were lower case.
How and why this has happened I do not know.

Frankly, I find the last messages on codes a little confusing to the unwary reader, giving the wrong impression that Czechoslovak factories continued to use their WW2 German occupation codes.
What the Czechoslovaks did was replacing in 1952(!) their existing factory codes of graphical symbols by a system that outwardly looked like the old German codes: lowercase trigraphs like aym, bxn, czo, rid and others.
But these new codes had absolutely nothing to to with the WW2 German equivalents. For example, czo was Geschosswerkstatt of Heereszeugamt Königsberg (today Kaliningrad), an army maintenance and supply unit. No other entity in the Wehrmacht supply system would have dared to use czo, if only for the reason that Königsberg Heereszeugamt had to keep secret from any outsider the fact that it had been assigned code czo.

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Jochem, I did not check who “czo” was in the Wewhrmacht and understood that Joe had done and found it to be identical.
My point was not to say that the Czechs used WH codes!

As I am now doing more research, I am finding there is controversy over the 7.9 German " / czo / 2 / 44 / ᛋᛋ / " brass headstamp picture.

Thanks for the info…


Joe, can’t see the image but the hs you listed yells “fake”.

I will ask if I can get permission to share the headstamp.

Must be this one.

Source: internet.
7.92x57_SS fake czo

It indeed yells fake.

Looks photoshopped to me

Yes, that is the one, just another view of it.
- czo - 2 - 44 - ᛋᛋ -