12,7mm chinese sniper ammo

Here are some pics about the chinese 12,7mm sniper ammo and rifle.

These is the “improved” ammo using the new green case paint. The chinese change the brown color paint and used a green colored one currently, even at the 5,8 x 42 rifle ammo. The reason is unknown.

The improvement is not clear. I think it is the rubber type bullet using the semi gilding metal jacket. But the question is, make it sense to fire a non leathel bullet from a 12,7mm rifle ?? May be to prevent ricochets.


There is nothing nonlethal about a 12.7 even with a solid rubber bullet. The bullet which you see there would go clear through a human skull. Even the 37mm all rubber riot control projectiles have killed targets at much lower velocities . China is not using a nonlethal load in either a sniper rifle or machine gun.

Could it possible be some sort of rubber/plastic covering over an internal AP penetrator? That would make more sense.

Or the black part is no rubber at all and is just a steel penetrator.

Mhh hard to say without examine a round. Iam just busy to translate the website of the company that developed this bullets and try to sell the ammo to the chinese government.

I had considered that, but the black part certainly looks like plastic / rubber, and I assumed a penetrator would be slightly under the diameter of the bottom jacketed portion, and far sharper.

Is it corrosive? Nothing like ruining your sniper rifle with salt deposits!

Looks like the Chinese ripped off the French PPI/Anthena and Swiss RUAG deign.

The black is the steel core, normally invisible inside the copper jacket, but in this design, the core is wider than normal, just under 12.7 caliber, and narrowed near the projectile’s engraving area just enough to allow for a jacket to be wrapped around it. It’s a 1/2 jacketed bullet design.

The theory being the opposite of present theory. Instead of increasing penetration capabily by going to faster, smaller bullets, maximize the core and put just enough jacket on it to engage the rifling.

Keith Pagel