12.7mm projectile soft iron or sintered iron ID

I just had this one crossing my desk.
It is a 12.7mm projectile which is magnetic and appears to be solid soft iron or sintered iron.
Weight is 46.13 gram (711.9 grain).
Not very good visible but it has a slight torpedo base.

Anybody to ID this one?

Really noone???

Accidentally I was able to ID this one now.

It is a replica projectile made of solid steel and is not meant for shooting. It is turned steel which was galvanically copper coated.
These were made to equip single cases for collectors (who do not care much) and for re-enactors.

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Alex, do you know who made them? Country of origin?

Fede, these are traded by a German militaria dealer who gave the info on his website.
They did not state on the actual manufacturer. But given the business and purpose it can be any machine shop without any knowledege on ammo. Could well be that these were made cheaply in eastern Europe.

Thanks. Like Red Star Militaria?

Fede, actually it is “ZIB Militaria”:

Great! Thanks.

I have also seen dummy .50BMG projectiles made from copper plated cast alloy. These were for dummies for sale on the civillian market. The projectiles were made slightly oversize to fit tightly into fired cases without the need for resizing. I saw these for sale from various sources in the UK back around 2005.


this is a projectile used in French Army dummy round.

Inert primer, 1 single hole on side of case.

12_7%20inert%20MR61 12_7%20inerte%20MR61-head


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Jean-Francois, interesting to see. Is the weight identical?

OAL is 59.3mm.


I confirm, it is the same projectile.

So somebody must have destroyed a significant amount of French dummy cartridges?