12,7x108 - B-32 or BZT-44?

Hi, wondering if someone can give me a confirmation whether this is “12,7-B-32” [API] or “12,7-BZT-44” [API-T].

Higher resolution here
The tip looks like purple over red to me. As far as I understand it, the “B-32” has black over red, whilst “BZT-44” has purple over red.
I’m assuming it’s the latter until someone chimes in.

Headstamp is ⋆ 188 ⋆ 74 (Novosibirsk/LVE 1974).
Dark red lacquer primer annulus seal.

  • Ole

I am sure, that this is BZT-44 ( API-T ) bulet type. The first part of tip collor is not so significant, but is not black. Some older Russian color labels are not consistently made.

I have examined a lot of 12.7x108 ammunition in my day and, for Russian/Soviet production, it is always difficult to tell the API from the APIT, with the color of purple used. They all look black/red.

What I have found that is of help is to shine a bright light directly onto the tip. The color purple then becomes visible, while the black continues to look black. The result is very much like what you illustrated in your photo. But just using ambient light has never been much help to me.

I’ve never had a problem telling them apart and this one looks like purple over red to me…