Who is still making 12.7x108? I have FA Brown’s book for 12.7x108 and I suspect it might be out of date. It lists PRC, USSR, Poland, Czech, Yugo and Romania.

  • Bosnia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran.

NAMMO also loads PPU cases with MP and MP-T bullets

Isn’t that done by Czechia? (VUTM?)

"still making " or also “made” ?

No they are definitely Nammo made. They brought this cartridge this summer to offer for HDF. It was intended to enhance the capabilities of the Gepard sniper rifle.
Even the ambassador of Norway visited the trial shooting.


What is the match grade ammunition in 12.7x108 the HDF are using now?

I guess the question could be split out into two… who made and who is currently making. On the who made, I think you can place Iraq, right?

Christopher, correct, and my main aim were the USA.

South Africa at least made ammo for their trials with foreign components (Egypt cases). For dummies they have used fired Russian brass.

I think Poland is not making them anymore if they did at all. Now they have accepted all the NATO calibers - they were the first to do so as far as I have observed.

Our French friends may correct me here but France made machinery for export in this caliber right?

Christopher, I almost forgot, can you please provide us with details on this book? (year, pages, content…)
Or is that the Labbett/Brown pamphlet?

As far as i know, we don’t have any match grade ammo issued, because the Gepard is rather an antimetarial than a sniper rifle. When better accuracy is needed we use the white tip reference loading of the B-32.


Of Russian or Hungarian production?

I haven’t see the reference round yet, but i was told that they are Hungarian from factory 25



To EOD post #837=

Yes, MANURHIN made machines for this calibre, exported chiefly to Iraq, before the end of 90ies, when our good friend Sadam was still an interesting relation! Test runs do exist.


Thanks Philippe, are any head stamps known?

Iraqi or MANURHIN (for Iraq) 12.7x108-mm headstamps?