12.7×108mm DBT10 sniper cartridge headstamp

The “JJ” means “snipe”(Chinese:狙击 pinyin:jǖ jī)IMG_20181128_135937


Outstanding! Thanks a lot for sharing!

This is very interesting to me. It is the first instance of the use of Pinyin on a Chinese cartridge headstamp that I have seen. It relates to my interests in that on the Chinese Type 59 pistol, made 1959 thru 1962 (initial manufacture) the Model designation is marked on the pistol as “59 SHI.” The word “Shi” in Chinese (“Shiki” in Japanese) translates to English as “Type” or “Model” in this usage, and rather than the normal Chinese character for that word found on other Chinese small arms that I have examined, it is the only use of Pinyin I have seen on a military firearm.

Of course, there may be others that I have not seen. Such a current use of Pinyin on a cartridge headstamp is a revelation to me; that is, that it is still being used in China. Thanks for posting this, Magnum. It is a beautiful photo, by the way.

John Moss

Great headstamp, thanks for sharing.

Very cool.
I agree with John, excellent photo!
Can you post a side view?

Could you tell us the exact weight of the fired case?

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The weight of the fired case is 60 grams

Thanks Magnum, any chance for a precise weighing with two digits after the point?

I am sorry I could not measure it more accurately