12.7x108mm Yugo


Unfortunately, this unloaded necked rimless round has a slightly deformed mouth, but it is between 11.5 and 12.5mm with the length of 108mm. Headstamp: i k ,79. What is it?


12.7x108 Russian MG (it’s their version of the US 12.7x99 / 50BMG)
It’s the second from the left in the following photos


Yugoslavian (Privi Partizan) 12.7x108mm, their home-grown version of the 50 BMG (which is a US home-grown version of the 13mm Mauser).

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And what does " i k " mean?


“IK” stands for the name of the company and its location - Igman, Konjic.
The full name and address is Igman D.D., Donje Polje 42, 88400 Konjic, Bosnia-Herzogovina. There is an American branch, Igman International USA L.L.C., in Stradford, CT 06615.


Is the bullet diameter on the 12.7x108 the same as the 50BMG? IOW can I use 108 bullets in the 50?


My references say the Soviet bullets are slightly larger (12.99mm vs. 12.94mm), but I doubt that would make much difference. But I believe the Soviet projectiles are heavier, plus most of them that I’ve seen are in API configuration, not ball.