12.7x44R Center Fire

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I recently bought a Swedish rolling block chambered in 12.7x44R center fire and have not found any original drawings for this cartridge except for the rim fire version that has dimensions in Norwegian decimal Lines (linjer). I have found a drawing of the projectile but nothing of the case. Does anyone here have a drawing they would share?

Here are the 2 drawings I have found:

Which is correct? 12.17x44R or "12,7"x44R??? It seems 12,17 is the correct “Bore” dimension (Military calibre) and “12,7” is the Nominal Bullet diameter (as in a civilian calibre in Europe). Being a BP rifle, it has very deep grooves.

I know the cartridge is a descendant of the .50/70 cartridge( US Remington RB ) and also similar to the 12,7 Papal Remington made by Nagant Freres in 1869-70.

I do have a CF version of the M67 Carbine (Cavalry version, NO sling attachments).

As for designs, go to www.municion.org (Spanish Website) and there are good Metric designs there.

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Horneber still produces this case. if needed i can give you the dimensions of my specimen

Interesting that the drawing includes specifications for markings on the base of the bullet, a topic which has come up on a number of other threads.

I found a post on another board, post #12 here http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?131610-Swedish-Roller-12-7-x-44mm
where a gentleman from Denmark gave the following conversion factors for Norwegian “lines”:

[quote]For those of you that cant get the case drawing to make scense then here is some conversions:

1 Lod = 4 Kvintin = 15,56gram ~ 240gr
1 Kvintin = 3,89gram ~ 60gr
1 Linie/strå = 3,14mm ~ 0.123"

Powder weight 1 kvintin = 60gr
Boolit weight 5.85 kvintin = 351gr
Cartridge weight 2,3 lod = 552gr

Case length 13,3 linier = 1.64"
Boolit diameter 4 linier = 0.494"[/quote]

He notes that these are approximate conversion factors but they appear to be close.



I’m not able to post images here without an external server, but if you see this link, post #23, I’ve posted some scans. One shows the official drawing of the norwegian / swedish chamber with measurements in norwegian and swedish decimal linies and in mm.


Norway and Sweden were in a union back then, and the plan was that the ammunition should be interchangeable. The cartridges were a bit different though, Norway and Sweden used different bullets. The original case was 42mm long, but in 1871, Norway adopted a new bullet. I was a bit heavier, so the powdercharge was increased. The case was also lengthened to 44mm. Still it did fit in the chambers without any modifications. Sweden kept the 42mm case.

The booklet I scanned also have drawings of both versions of the norwegian cartridge. If you PM me your e-mail adress, I can send you some scans.