12.7x55, civilian load from Russia

This is a civilian version of the 12.7x55 load, originally developed for the ASh-12 assault rifle and RSh-12 revolver, designed for Russian FSB.
Current civilian loads use machined brass bullets, with ME in the 3 KJ vicinity, but I was told that this could change before official release.
It could make a very decent short-range hunting load for a lever action or short-action bolt gun… But what TSKIB SOO is going to offer puts me in a sour mood.


and, for the sake of comparision, here’s a “tactical” load for ASh-12, with lightweight supersonic bullet with aluminum core


Designation SC-174 (STs-174/СЦ-174)

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Max and Ruslan, thanks a lot for the Info!!!

Ammo box for MTs569



Talk about a hand cannon, that revolver is insane!

This the original idea…

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