12.7x55mm STs-30 Subsonic

Russian 12.7x55mm STs-30 subsonic for the VKS Pull pup close combat weapon.
Most likely off with designation so a little help is appreciated.
PT copper bullet, (2) PT2 solid bronze, and VPS Increased Penetration
Thanks for any help



Very nice!

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Kevin, not close combat as the VKS (old designation VSSK) is a sniper rifle.

There is also an assault rifle (ASh-12) in this caliber but it is using cartridges with shorter projectiles and ammo is not interchangeable.

Also there is a revolver in this caliber but there I have no info on the used projectiles.

Very cool reference, (except for my lack of being able to read it).
Sectioned cartridges were well done…

here’s an English-language reference: http://modernfirearms.net/en/sniper-rifles/large-caliber-rifles/russia-large-caliber-rifles/vks-vssk-vyhlop-eng/