12,7x76 dummy from Israel

can anybody help me to translate the hebrew letters / words at 6 and 9 clock on the head of the 12,7x76 dummy from Israel.

Thanks a lot, mhistory

At 9:00 you have Tof Tzadik, or T Z, for Military Industries.

The word at 6:00 is TOL"AR, an abbreviation for Totach Lo Recoil, or Recoil-less Cannon.

I have seen two variations of this dummy and headstamp.

Loads of these turned up in the UK on the military collectables market a couple of years ago. Did the weapon they were used for training with become obsolete, causing all the dummies to be sold off?

They’ve been out of IDF service for a long time, late 1970s perhaps. Someone probably just surplused all the dummies at a much later date.

Thx for the information. John do you have a picture of the hst variations?

Here is mine… slightly different spacing: