12,7x81SR Breda



this is my 12,7x81SR Breda collection.
From left: ball; tracer; APIT; API; Expl.Inc.Tr; Expl.; Expl.Inc.Tr.Self destr.


(my post included only direct link to original photo in original size)


Vittorio / Hammer - the sizing functions of a photo editing application will allow you to produce an image which will show good detail but not require sideways scrolling to view. As a matter of both practicality and courtesy , it is preferable to avoid images which exceed the size of the display. Notice how the text of this post is stretched far past the viewable window because the image in the post immediately above is so large; text string throughout any thread with a large image will be extended to the width required to display that photo, regardless of where the text appears in the thread.