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Hello guys
Who make This cartridge??
The grey tip bullet is original assemble or not??



Hi Nicola,

It was made by Mesko in 2010. Bullet looks correct for their AP-S NM173 load.




Though it is difficult to say if this one was loaded by NAMMO or by Mesko. Unless there are differences in the PAs.


I removed the bullet and compare whit NAMMO special purpose


Alex, I know about the ties between Mesko and Nammo, but the ones I have seen from the latter company are loaded with bright silver painted bullets, not dark grey (same headstamp).


Fede, good point. I reviewed what I had on NAMMO and did not find any image with this projectile color.
I found that the AP-S stands for “AP Super” (actuall an API). It seems the core in this proj. is larger than in the multi purpose types we know.

Here the entires from Mesko:

And here a diagram from NAMMO. Interesting they are not using the void behind the core to carry more incendiary compound as by placing it exactly there the incendiary effect on (in) target would be enhanced.