12.7x99 / .50 BMG color markings ID

I have found this uncommented image in the net. The links are made by MFT (Holland).
Does anybody know the exact designation, type, user and manufacturer of these?

upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … nition.JPG

Those are API and APIT loadings developed by Oerlikon Contraves Pyrotec AG. I don’t know their exact designations and I think these are probably “multipurpose” projectiles.

Fede, interesting to hear. Was this development before 1999? Because since then “Oerlikon-Contraves” is “Rheinmetall Air Defense”. Also I would wonder now why/how the Contraves branch was related to this. Or did you mean “Oerlikon-Bührle”?

Is there any more info on these? Anyone?

Contraves is/was owned by Oerlikon but I didn’t know of a pyrotechnic section.


Contraves did the missile part if I recall it right.

Yes, when I worked with Contraves equipment they did the radars and missiles, Oerlikon did the guns.


Can these rounds be found (for collectors) ?

Those colors are like a pretty flower to a honey bee!

Oerlikon, Multi-Purpose and Multi-Purpose-Tracer. Had OE headstamps.

Nope. Don’t know where to get any. Wish I did.