12.7x99 FN HEPI

As usual while looking for something else I came across this 12.7x99 HEPI by FN.

Do any images and cutaways exist?

Is there any FN document on these available?


@50m2hb will probably be along to correct me shortly

silver over dark green in the middle of this display, headstamped “50 FNB 87”

12.7x99 HEPI Belgium MP 50 FNB 87 silver/darkgreen Belgium/FN own design of MP Silver over green

i think the silver/yellow tip are the fnb hepi

i had a list where these rounds are labeled hepi (the other fnb silver/green are labeled multipurpose well know as mk211 or “raufoss”)

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Fuchs book says

Notice it’s silver over green, whereas all of the NM160/RaufossMP stuff is green over silver.

Is there a good history of the Raufoss development somewhere, maybe with commentary by like WCC/Olin and FN trying to develop their own MP rounds?

If not, maybe time to write it? :)

Kurt, thanks a lot!

This projectile was also manufactured for the 15.5x106 xpl FN HMG round.


@PaulSmith Let me know if you have an extra of those ;)

Paul, would you have an image of that one? For the 15.5mm I only saw the steel body variant with nose cap of copper and plastic driving band.

Hi Alex - the only construction type I’ve seen is the one you describe (steel body, copper or brass cap and plastic driving band). Given when it was developed, I do wonder if this projectile type was developed for the 15x115.

Here’s a picture of the type we know about.



Paul, great, I have never seen so many HE types in one place!
Did you ever cut one?

The 15x115 was jacketed to my knowledge. But there I am not even sure if so many different types were made compared to the 15.5mm of which I saw APHC, APDS, HE, TP, TP-T and dummies.