12.7x99 M/84 API "SPRAES" Denmark

Recently I was sweeping the web for images of ammunition containers (a real wealth of info can be found there) and came across this Danish can of belted 12.7x99 of a functional lot consisting of M/84 API and M/50 tracers.

Can anybody tell which exact variant the M/84 API is (most likely not Danish made) and what the “SPRAES” means? My Danish is not that good.
I tried Arma Dania on this but to no avail.


SPRÆS means that the bullet has a light charge of explosives and is in essence an incendiary round.

Let’s say then it is a round with additional incendiary/HE effect.

Could this be a Raufoss multi purpose load?

SPRÆS could be translated to HEDP, just as a Raufoss multi purpose load

Lars, do you happen to know exactly what is behind this M/84?
Are images available?

No Alex, I am not sure, just compare it to the 40x46

I would translate SPRÆ ( short for sprængstoff ) to Muliti-purpose, and the last S ( short for sporlys ) to Tracer. So this would be equal to MP-T

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psg1, but as per the standardized NATO symbol on the can the load is an API, not API-T.
Also the fact that it is belted with regular tracers speaks for this.

Where on the can is the NATO symbol?

Is it hiding in the circle above the “A” in “BANDLED”?

Perfect word !

NATO has standardized a number of symbols for some properties of ammunition. Those in the three lines above the lot number (top down) tell us:
“API projectile” (no tracer)
“tracer projectile”
“linked ammunition”
The numbers to the left of the first two symbols tell us the linking in this ammunition container is 3 M/84 per 1 M/50. The symbols for an AP(I) tracer projectile have an additional, narrower rectangle on the right.
Hope this helps.

JPeelen said it all.

Ok, sorry for my wrong translation. Thanks for the correction. Danish language is very similar to Norwegian, but not always.

Thanks - I knew the ‘linked’ symbol but wasn’t aware that it was a NATO symbol.

STANAG 2316 covers markings on packaging of <20mm ammunition.


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Now I got the word (from People supposed to know) that these M/84 are APHEI, means per what was described to me these should be Raufoss multi purpose variants.

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