12.7x99mm Reference Ammo FNB Box (Can) and Lake City AAP

Picked this up at a MVAC gun show in 2013, the seller said he had had a full pallet load of these boxes (empty of course) but most were sold by the time I passed by.
FNB (Fabrique Nationale Herstal, Herstal, Belgium) 12.7 x 99mm (.50 BMG) Reference ammunition at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.

What does NARTC or NATRC(?) stand for?


NATRC…National Ammunition Research & Testing Centre ??? Sounds Like a Logical explanation.

Basically for Comparison of European (ie, FN) made .50 cal (12,7x99) with US Made .50cal, to see how they stack up against the NATO STANAG Specifications.

Doc AV

Brian, interesting box, thanks for posting. This sample ammunition was delivered to the NATO North American Regional Test Center (NARTC) located at LCAAP. Regards, Fede.

DocAV and Fede,

Thank you both for your replies and information!