12.7x99mm "U 42"

I grabbed this fired case because I wanted to have the projectile (one of the last production draw stages) which had nothing to do with the case. But how does Utah rank in rarity? For instance, Lowell made cases are supposed to be un-common. How about Utah?

U= Utah Ordnance Plant , Salt Lake City

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Harrie, thanks,
My question is basically how many units of ammo Utah made? I don’t see this headstamp a lot.

Vlad, the experts will know, but I read in the past that some .50 makers made cases only for ybout 1-2 years and then switched to other calibers like “M” (Milwaukee).

Did you check Fuchs’ database for known “U” headstamps?

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No, no book in my library, but I am meeting 2 world ammo experts tomorrow, maybe shall have an answer this way.

Hi Vlad,

Utah Ordnance Plant manufactured 418,344,629 .50 Cal. rounds between February 1942 and December 31, 1943 (including cases headstamped U 44). It was placed on standby status until August 1946, but production never resumed and the property was reported as surplus to the War Assets Administration and transferred to the State of Utah.



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Not as rare as M, LM or SMCO or such, but as Fede said, only 2 years of production. So, less common than SL, TW, LC, etc. The “UT” version of the headstamp is more rare/valuable.

But Utah production has been common enough, up to now, that it was being sold in shooting ammo quantities (i.e. canful). One of the bigger online ammo sellers here in the US was selling original cansful of Utah AP as late as 2 years ago.

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