12.7x99mm "U 42"

I asked this question before 12.7x99mm "U 42". But this time it is a dummy. Are there dummies with “UT”?

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Sorry misread your quote on .50 cal dummies. Pic above was not a .50 Cal dummy.

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Still a good headstamp!!!

Hi sksvlad.
This looks to be more of an inerted example. A proper dummy from this time would / should have three holes in the case, and an inerted primer cup, or a blind primer pocket. Or perhaps a with a tinned primer cup, but that would have been earlier. An alternative with the primer pocket drilled out might have been made as a display dummy, and the pocket is often found threaded for mounting.
Your example looks to have had the primer removed by prying it out.

My point is, it should perhaps be classified as inerted, and not Dummy which is an official terminology.

I have 3 headstamp variations of AP loading’s plus a tracer loading with U 42 HS’s and one U T 42 in a tracer, but no dummies. But that doesn’t mean they were not being made.

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You are right. No holes anywhere. I wonder if it was an unfinished round and someone stuffed a projectile into it. No sound when shaken.

Well it does have a blind primer pocket, & it is hard to say with those marks on the bullet it it was pulled out or put in. So I’m sorry but I can say one way or the other?

Dinging a case with a fingernail will sometimes indicate it’s empty or not.

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I think it is empty.

Good headstamp, keep it until you improve it & log it as inerted. At least that’s how I would do it.

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