12 Bore DBBL Made In Belgium

Recently on a trip to India , l saw a 12 gauge side by side shotgun with 3 inch Chambers , extractors and 32 inch long barrels .
Marked on the gun was just " 12 Bore DBBL Made In Belgium ". Does anyone here know about what Belgian gun makers would mark their guns with these words ? I have never seen a Belgian shotgun with this marking , ever.

Is it possible that it could have been locally made with a false marking applied?

Oh , no. I hashed this out with some Indian gun store owners in an online forum . Back when firearms and ammo used to get imported into India before 1986 , All arms dealers used to stamp details on the barrels of any guns which they imported. Typically " 12 Bore DBBL Made In Belgium" was what they stamped for any 12 gauge double barreled shotguns imported from Belgium .

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If that was the only mark on the gun it has to be false, because all Belgian guns would have proof marks.
Try asking the littlegun club members http://www.littlegun.be/

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