12 Bore HE projectiles

The picture below show 4 x projectiles that will fit in a 12 bore case when the fins are closed. In the second picture you can see they have a pre-fragmented section. There are no markings on the projectiles. Can anyone tell me anything about these please?


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Those are cool.

Just Google “Frag-12” and you can see all about them. Mini explosive filled frag rds for 12ga shotguns. They aren’t too popular due to high cost, limited application, and being limited to military only.

Buster, thanks a lot for sharing these images!

You got some extraordinary specimen there.

As I am having an unexplainable interest in LE and military 12GA I did some searching in the web and found there is a modified FRAG-12 now which has even an own website:


Here some images from this site:

X-ray of the early variant (related to those above)

X-ray of the new variant

Image of the new variant

Datasheet for the new variant


Thanks for all the replies and information.

Nice collection! Thanks for sharing.

Below you can see the US loadings offered by Combined Systems, Inc. back in 2009, when the manufacture was licensed to this company. The original design belongs to The Special Cartridge Company Ltd. in London, but all the patents are assigned to Olympic Technologies Ltd. in Gibraltar(!).

12 ga. Specialized Munitions (Door Breacher & Frag-12).pdf (240.8 KB)

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Thanks for the additional info Fede.

Here a drawing from the 2012 patent:

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Here some more images from the web: