#12 catalog ready


Our catalog #12 is now on our site as a free downloadable preview.


Or use the www button below

Catalogs can be posted Jan. 2nd & sale close is Jan. 29th 2011



What reader you used for the .pdf?
Will not open …


[quote=“genkideskan”]What reader you used for the .pdf?
Will not open …[/quote]


I installed the new Adobe reader and it still comes up stating that the file can’t be opened as it’s damaged. Anyone have any ideas


It could be because of the “#” in the filename…right click HERE on his link, and click “SAVE AS” and choose a name without a “#” in it


Sorry about that
I had a correction to make & when converting to pdf I did it in 'full load" mode & not low res. Just reloaded it as a 2.4meg pdf & should now work.

Again sorry about that. my first try at this web publishing business.

If anyone is still having problems please use my e-mail button.


I shut my computer down completly and then re started it and the file loaded fine.
I still hate these things