12 ga Dragonsbreath cutaway or exploded view?

I’m interested in special shotgun rounds and was woundering how a dragonsbreath really is constructed. Does somebody have a sketch or something similar on how such a round is constructed? Could’t find anything on the internet.

Nothing special. Assumed a “powder burst” flash

I call these “gun show loads”. Once out of the packet it’s anyones guess who made them

Orange case = All Purpose Ammo”

Dark blue = any ones guess

On the left if just looks like flintstones from a lighter? Does that even ignite when fired? Or just on impact? Don’t know what’s the stuff on the right could be.

Both look to me like propellant from disassembled medium or large calibre rounds. By medium or large I mean 20mm and above.

Was thinking that too but the ends on that little cylinders on the left look exacly like those little flint stones (Ferrocerium) in lighters. They will explode on impact and spark alot. But usually dragons breath ignites right when its shot and not on impact.

I had thought they had a payload of magnesium.