12 ga Engine Starter Cartridges

I show two 12ga engine starter cartridges both IMI No1 Mk1 1973 & 1986.
The aluminium tin held the red cartridge. I tried to show all the print.
I am familiar with the Marshall tractor starters but what engine uses these shells?

Ron, there is quite a row aircraft engines which used such cartridges.

Also check som older threads here:

I just finished reading all those old threads. Great reading and history.
It explains my cartridges and I loved the tractor starting videos.
At least I can show the tin that held my cartridges. Thanks. Ron.


That 12K number is an RAF vocab number, I don’t have any of my files to hand at the moment, but will check later. I’m surprised that they were using such a small size, that late ('86).

Tim, while air force maybe not for aircraft engines?

From a 1954 publication I have the No.1 Mk.1 cartridge used by the Plessey-Coffman cartridge starter.
Used with -
Bombardier enigine - Auster AOP Mk. 9
Gypsy Major engine - DH Chipmunk Mk. 10
Leonides engine - Provost Mk. 1.

Undoubtedly there are more. However, the No. Mk. 2 cartridge was electric, which one would have thought was the way to go.

The DH Chipmunk remained in mainstream RAF use as late as 1996, apparently one is still used by the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

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