12 ga. Taser photos (XREP)

In response to a request by EOD (in the “rubber bullets” thread) for some 12 ga taser “close ups”

I snapped these with my iPhone

PS…I’m not an authority on the subtleties of each…have at it


Pepper, thanks a lot! Great images!
Seeing these I wonder now how many variants are existing.

I understand the expiry date is because of the battery?

Yup and I think the entire product line is “expired” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My logical concern was the inability to “re-shock” with a trigger pull.

I guess there was a trade off of gaining a distance advantage over an ability to re-shock

But. What do I know? I’ve never been Tased (by choice or otherwise) and have never fired one.

nice items
the “taser” is proppelled by a very small powder charge ?
and i heard that these 12gauge are slighty different from “normal” 12 gauge to avoid confusion with lethal round ?

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I’ll escalate the taser cartridge discussion a bit by adding a 40mm example, the Sticky Shocker developed in the 1990s. More info from a 2007 thread here… 40mm Taser Cartridge


Those look like fish hooks!
I would not want to get shot by ANY Tazer round, but the 40 just adds insult to injury, or should I say adds impact injury to shock therapy?

I have an article somewhere about turning the flash from a disposable camera into a mini Tazer… and it fits in a 12 ga hull.

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Ejection of the fired case must be an issue unless the entire contents leave the gun when fired.?

The 12GA appears not to have cables whcih remain connected to the gun.
But I also do not know why they have that separating design where the anchor needles seem to separate from the power source/electronics unit (connected by cables).

Anybody here to explain how in particular the 12GA are working?
Or has anybody a presentation on these?

Another one from Forgotten Weapons

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Nope. It all flies except the case/hull.

sorry about size…i enlarged it on my scanner…but best I could do right now

Pepper, thanks a lot for the document! Very good to have this one!

I’ll try to dig back through photos and docs from the Instructor Courses where we were certified on the XREP. I do recall that XREP was very clearly a trip to the ER for removal of the barbs and chollas (vs field removal for other Tasers), since both were very prone to deep and/or complex imbedment. I also remember them saying that Hans (Moreno) volunteered for the only full ‘live’ test of the system at that point. There was talk of a Taser/Axon 40mm version as recently as 4-5yrs back, but as far as I know it was not fielded,

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Thanks for showing the orange one! I never saw one in reality.

Orange was the practice round we used in both of the courses where we cert’d on XREP; some were also a darker red in color. I may have some still laying around, need to look. We fired at 25, 50 and 100’, very low recoil but solid impact on the plywood targets.

re: above question about cross-compatability…

The XREP shell has a raised ‘rib’; differentiates from standard 12ga by feel, but as I recall it also interfaces specifically with the unique Mossberg XREP bolt face. A standard 12ga shell would not be fired (standoff from firing pin) using that bolt.

couple more views of an orange example.