12 Gage Beehive

Does anyone have info on the military 12 gauge beehive round? I’m not talking about the exotic ammo versions. I recently bought a box that says

1305-A011A CTG.



It was made by Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp.

The shotgun shells have brass heads with red plastic hulls. Headstamp reads WESTERN SUPER-X


The box spells gauge as “gage”?

Yes, that was how they spelled it on the Beehive marked boxes. Nice box, and very hard to find.

As far as I know, the Olin flechettes inside are the normal XM258 types used predominately by the Army. There are at least 3 different boxes with the same ammo inside and I have never seen a box marked XM258, only Govt. documents referring to the red Winchester-Olin cartridges.

The 18.5mm Flechette box

Early experimental box in Woodin Labs collection

Here’s my box